Sales Navigator allows you to build relationships with professionals and effectively do B2B marketing.

Sales Navigator is a powerful feature that enables you to harness opportunities on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has about 347 million members with at least 2 users registering every second. This Social Media platform has many features (especially the Sales Navigator) that are effective for the advertisement and sales of a brand.

Once you understand how LinkedIn sales navigator, you can use it to find better prospects for your brand and business.


What Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

It is a tool specially designed to help you effortlessly get prospects for your brand or business.
There are certain features on LinkedIn Sales Navigator that make it unique. They include:

  • Advance search
  • Detailed user guide and
  • Filters

You can test run the 30-day free trial LinkedIn sales navigator on your business to see if it works for you. 
If it works for your business during the free trial then you can upgrade your account to premium.
There are 2 types of Premium account upgrade:

  • Professional account

The professional account costs $80 for monthly subscription and allows 15 InMail messages. An InMail message is a feature on LinkedIn that allows you to send messages directly to another LinkedIn member that is not in your connection.

  • Team account

The team account cost $130 for monthly subscription and allows 30 InMail messages. This premium package allows teams to link and it can work offline.
Here is a breakdown of how to effectively and efficiently use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to get better prospects for your business.


1. Try Out The Free Trial

It is a good thing if you start with your trial account so you can compare results and see if it works for your business.
On your LinkedIn page, go to the Sales Navigator page then hit the “start your free trials” icon. It is totally free for 30 days.
However, you still need to fill in your credit card details.
After entering your credit card information, you will be directed to a platform different from your original LinkedIn account.
This new platform is the Sales Navigator site. This is where your sales and marketing activity takes place.
To activate the sales navigator:
Set your account with your preferences, click on the continue icon to select your preference which includes the vertical, job titles or regions that you aim to have.
You can save all your existing LinkedIn connections as leads. Right after this, link Sales Navigator and Sales force together.
This will synchronise your contacts and accounts.
After activating sales navigator, you will see the list of companies it suggests for you.
Save it in your account
This list will seem like that of your followers on Twitter and Facebook.
When you save the list of the companies in your account, your new leads can be tracked and you will have the benefit of receiving updates or news about the company.
This keeps information at the tip of your fingers and you can easily begin a conversation with your potential customer.

If you don’t know the companies you ought to save, you can leave it till you are sure and add up the companies of your choice whenever you are ready.
Lastly, you will have to provide the specific information of the kind of leads you want. Fill in the data of your sales environment such as the region, municipal city or country you are aiming for.

2. Search for your leads and targets

After creating your account preferences, you can build the list for your leads and search for prospects.
You can build your lead list using the Lead builder on your LinkedIn sales navigator.
LinkedIn sales navigator Lead builder has advanced search filters that enable you to find important prospects for your brand.
On your lead builder page, you will see a search box. Search for job titles or companies; narrow your search preference or use other keywords before you click search.
You can filter your result with the different options by the left part of the search result. You will see options like industry, title, seniority level, postal code, first and last name, company size and years of experience
Beside each result of your search, you will see an option of “save as lead button”. Use the button to save relevant leads to your account.
These leads are the titles and companies you want to get recent updates from.
Aside from saving the lead, you can also decide to save the search result itself. This will allow you to receive email alerts of profiles that agree with your search criteria.

3. Track Your Leads And Targets

On LinkedIn Sales Navigator page, you will receive updates from saved leads. You will be able to receive updates from people who are not in your networks.
You can filter or narrow down those you receive updates from by using the filtering options on your LinkedIn Sales Navigator page.
Once you narrow down your updates with the filter options, you can engage your connections, read more about them and send them InMail messages.
You can get more details about a company, employee, and brand by clicking on “view account” button.  You can contact them through Inmail messages, email, calls, or introducing yourself to them through common connection.


LinkedIn sales Navigator is a social selling tool that you can use for finding better prospects for your brands. It is easy to use and it makes B2B marketing a worthy experience.
You can monitor, control and manage your connections on LinkedIn by the use of the Sales Navigator.